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Bulletproof Troop is one of the top draws in southern california’s fight scene.  He always comes to fight, and he always brings a crowd.

Bulletproof Troop is a heavy weight competitor that trains at the world famous Blackhouse MMA headquarters in Los Angeles, Ca.  His coaches are Rage Ng and Kenny Johnson.

Bulletproof Troop has put on some of the wildest fights in socal fight history and he has the scars to prove it. There is not an ounce of quit in Troop.  In 2016, he faced reigning CXF middleweight champion Moses Murrietta in a fight for the ages.  Troop ended up getting caught in triangle choke during the 3rd round.  As blood poured out of Troop’s face, he continued to battle until he went to sleep from the choke hold.  Troop is a true warrior in every sense of the word.

Bulletproof Troop always brings a huge crowd to his fights.  He personally sold over $11,000 in tickets to his last fight (9/21/2019).  The sea of camouflage gear makes the Bulletproof Troop Army easily distinguishable in the crowd.



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