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Believable fight scenes not only enhance the enjoyment of the watching audience, but they really bring films to life.


Fight Choreography is using combat techniques, instead of words, to TELL A STORY.


Bulletproof Troop’s extensive training in mixed martial arts gives him the knowledge base to create fight sequences that utilize a variety of fighting styles including: grappling; realistic striking techniques; flashy, trick style kicking attacks, judo throws as well as traditional martial arts weapons and use of firearms.


Believable and safe moves are not the only important part of fight scenes. There is a very clear cut structure that each fight scene should follow to enhance the emotional investment of the audience. Bulletproof Troop has a very keen understanding of how to implement this structure while telling the story through fight techniques and exchanges.


Bulletproof Troop is an expert in both the technique side and the story telling side of fight choreography.



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