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Bulletproof Troop’s years of experience as a professional fighter and sports medicine professional gives him the ability to provide unique combat sports analysis style commentary that will boost the entertainment value of your show.


Bulletproof Troop’s insight implies a sense of legitimacy and realistic competition during matches that appeals to the sports fan inside many of us. Hisknowledge in combat, coupled with hiseducational background in sports medicine, allows himto walk the viewers through grappling exchanges and submission attempts.  When appropriate, he will break techniques down so that fans can understand how the move works on an anatomical level, the fundamentals to finishing the move, and ways to escape the move and what it feels like to experience the move. HeI also provides strategic input about what he think each wrestler should do. By giving the audience a deeper understanding of the technical battles that they are witnessing, the audience is more likely to become emotionally invested in the match they are watching.  That means more satisfied viewers, and more repeat customers


Bulletproof Troop has worked over a half dozen live broadcasts for the UWN/NWA Primetime Live pay-per-view on FITEtv; where he called the action for 5 NWA title matches.  These were later put on YouTube as NWA Shockwave. Bulletproof Troop also regularly appears doing commentary on regional television with the United Wrestling Network’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. He can comfortably work in a 2-man booth as well as a 3-man booth.


Bulletproof Troop has been marketing himself heavily to the mixed martial arts community heavily since 2016.  It is his objective to use crossover appeal to bring new eyes to your product and broaden the fan base of your promotion.



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