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Getting fit isn’t easy.  There is A LOT to it.  That is why you want to have the right person helping you on your fitness journey.


Blake Troop is a college-educated fitness professional with an academic and practical understanding of exercise science and its impact on the human body. Troop’s approach to fitness is completely rooted in evidence-based practices that are scientifically proven to be effective and efficient.  No ‘bro science’ here, only RESULTS.


Troop graduated from Long Beach State University with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Athletic Training. During his time at LBSU, Troop held many internships with sports teams, including one with Chivas USA of Major League Soccer as well as LBSU’s Division 1 baseball team.


Troop provides very clear fitness workouts and athletic performance enhancing programs that utilize progressive overload in order to make ‘gainz’. Each program is custom tailored to the clients desired goals, physical abilities and limitations, and available equipment.


Contact him today for help building the right fitness plan for YOU.



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