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Bulletproof Troop is a 6’4, 240lb world class submission grappler with the ability to handle a microphone. Bulletproof Troop’s years of experience as a professional ass kicker in mixed martial arts have created a persona with an unshakably badass foundation that is perfect for professional wrestling.

Bulletproof Troop has found a home for his training at Sydojo, training under the tutelage of Chris Silvio (OVW) and Matt Sydal (WWE, AEW, NJPW). He has also trained with a variety of coaches from across the country, including Brain Kendrick (WWE), Peter Avalon (AEW) as well as Joey Kaos, Robby Phoenix, and Mongol and Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy.

Bulletproof Troop currently works for the United Wrestling Network as a combat sports analyst on the color commentary team. He has worked over a half dozen live broadcasts for the UWN/NWA pay-per-view on Fite tv; where he called the action for 5 NWA title matches. Bulletproof Troop also regularly appears on syndicated television in regions around teh country on the UWN’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

Bulletproof Troop has been marketing himself heavily to the combat sports community since 2016. He plans to use his cross-over appeal to bring combat sports fans over to the professional wrestling world.



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